july 9th, 2016

I still feel all of the love that claire and I have crammed between each other, even though we’ve barely been able to talk and I haven’t seen her in days. I miss her so much. but thinking about her makes me smile. I’m sitting on a rock at Durand beach. everything is beautiful, the image of claire is fresh in my mind. I miss her, but I’ll see her soon. sammy is keeping me company, I am content. being happy is one thing, a very strong and titillating thing, though I think I like the feeling of being content a bit more. I feel very exposed and no bad thoughts are in my head. when I’m content I feel less open to bad thoughts because I can remember sadness and I’m not blinded from this by my happiness. I’m more in control of my thoughts when I am content.

I’m content thinking about claire.
I figured out who my favorite artists are – car seat headrest & all them witches. listening to them makes me feel alright.